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General Terms of Service (GTS)

Dear User, by using our website, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions of the GTS, which are part of the user contract.

The website ““ offers real estate owners and real estate agents the possibility to list their real estate offers in Canada and USA.

All users who use ““ are bound to accept the following Terms of Service. They are part of the terms and conditions of use.

1. On our website „“ you may advertise and buy real estate. The fees are listed in the price list.

2. The vendors themselves post their offers and personal data and are responsible for the accuracy and liability of the data. The vendor is responsible for drawing up the complete offer to be posted. ““ is not responsible for the offers, their accuracy and reliability, or for the availability of the advertised objects.

3. Potential buyers have the opportunity to look at the advertised properties on the real estate web site ““ and to contact the advertiser. All interested party is obliged to verify the correctness and availability of the offer.

4. Images and text are subject to copyright. They may not be downloaded or used for commercial purpose. To observe the copyright laws is responsibility of each advertiser. Only images and texts related to the real estate offer may be posted. In the case of violation “” reserves all rights to claims for compensation.

5. Regarding the offers, “” only offers the web site to the potential vendors and potential buyers. If “” offers its own real estate, it is bound by the rules for the real estate agents.

6. All data and information “” receives through the inquiries of objects, are only used for handling purposes and remitted to the corresponding party.

7. “” is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential damage in the case of breach of contract obligations. “” is not liable for compensation of any indirect damage and for loss of profit.

8. “” reserves the right to update and change the GTS anytime without notice. The users should inform themselves of possible changes in the GTS from time to time. The use of the internet platform after the update of the GTS implies the agreement of the user.

8.a. “” reserves the right to refuse or to remove content or certain offers from vendors without having to specify the reasons. If the advertiser should infringe the rules or laws, “” reserves the right not to refund any fees.

9. If one of the rules of this GTS should be inoperative, the other rules remain effective. The inoperative rule is replaced by an operative rule or regulation of similar content, similar in meaning and purpose. The same applies in case of lack of regulation.

10. The legal domicile for all disputes is Bremen.

11. GTS August 2014. Possible complaints are to be directed to “”. Canada Land Service GmbH, Prangenstr. 88, 28203 Bremen, Germany.

12. If the content or the images of the website should infringe the rights of a third party or violate a legal policy, please notify thereof. We guarantee that we will immediately remove all justifiably objectionable content or image. Without previous communication, no warning may be issued. If, despite of previous communication, expenses should arise, such as the engagement of legal assistance we will not be liable for them, and we reserve the right to countersue due to violation of the above mentioned policy.